Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh the drama!!!!!!

What a day!!!!  I am such a drama hater and I have had way more than I care to handle today.  But, I am almost to the point of embracing my inner bitch and being OK with everything these people dole out to me today.

So this is the deal......

My 14 year old niece puts up a photo on Facebook of her and her boyfriend kissing.  You know....... one of those cheesy, stand in front of the bathroom mirror with your cell phone pictures. Of course, she gets a bazillion comments, mostly from a lot of other teens egging her on.   However, the thing that that really bothered me was her telling someone "hahaha, my daddy isnt a happy camper, hahah."  With smilies. 

I told her "It doesn't matter if you are 14 or 34, a photo like that is inappropriate and I can understand why your daddy is not happy.  I wish you had more respect for him than that."  

And, I sent her a private message this morning telling her that I wasnt going to tell her right or wrong, I just wanted her to have some self-respect for herself because so many boys will see that picture and get the wrong message, and I dont want that for her.   

Well, the short story is that my sister-in-law (the stepmom) has ripped me a new one and told me to mind my freaking business.  And then she unfriended me, after telling me my brother is also pissed about what I said.

AND, my brother's EX-wife was logged into my nieces acct. when I sent private message to her. And I got it all over again. And I was told that if I only see her on holidays and birthdays, I don't get to have opinions.  (Even though me and my parents have to fight tooth and nail for every time we want to see those kids.)


I hate this kind of stuff and I am pissed that it has taken up so much time in my day.  But on the flip side, what did I do wrong here????? I tried to teach my niece about self respect.  Well, I just can't be sorry for that.  And if the grownups in her life cant handle another adult trying to be a positive influence on her, that is their problem. 

I am so frustrated today.  The east way out would be to just let them (my nieces) go.  As their mom so kindly pointed out..... there is no court order that says she has to let her kids see their grandparents, or their aunts or their cousins. 

And on the other side, these little girls are CHILDREN and it is not their fault their parents got divorced.  They shouldn't have to go through this and it pisses me off when grown-ups can't act like the adults they are.


  1. Parents are so protective over there "perfect" children! Drives me nutty!

  2. Sometimes I honestly don't understand what is wrong with people...