Would I do it again?

Somedays.... this band thing really sucks.  When something is stuck, when I really want to just eat some lunch but I am so tight I can barely manage liquids..... it can be incredibly frustrating.  But would I do it again??

I absolutely would do it again. 

In one year, I have lost 95 pounds.  

I was completely off both medications for diabetes within TWO DAYS. 

My blood pressure now hovers between perfectly normal and slightly elevated.  

I can workout at the gym like a normal person now.... 30-40 minutes instead of the insane 60-90 minutes. 

I got so much satisfaction when I realized I quit stress-eating.  I mean, what fun is it to chow on cheesecake when I can only eat 3-4 bites and I am full?  I could no longer eat enough to stimulate those happy-feel-good feelings that came with food. 

The best thing has been watching the sizes drop. I WORE A SIZE 18 DRESS WHEN I GOT MARRIED THREE MONTHS AGO.  That is huge for me, because I haven't worn a size 18 since before my oldest daughter was born.  

So yes, every miserable day has been far outweighed by the good days and the many milestones I have reached since my surgery last year.