Monday, March 14, 2011

With spring comes ...HOPE

I had a little bit of sunshine in my world this last week.  Aren't they pretty?? This is the first March in ages that spring has tried to make an appearance.... last several years it has been more like June.  Of course, I am not holding my breath... it can change at any moment.  So for now, I am just sucking up all the sunshine I can get. 

It is really hard to be in my husband's head.... he is not real great at sharing his feelings.  But..... if I have to go by how I feel.... I think just maybe he and I are on the upswing.  He made a comment to me a couple weeks ago... said he only knew what the crystal ball had to say about our future.  WHAT!?  Now...... I KNOW that he did not spend 25 years with the Marines and retire as a Master Gunnery Sgt. by waiting around to see what life would throw in his lap.  


Since that day, he just seems to be trying harder and he just seems more like his old self.  Of course, I still haven't heard those three little words in a very long time.  That is hard.  But... I am just trying to give him the time to work through it all.  He didn't just marry me..... this man, at 50 yrs old, after 12 years of being single, married me AND four children. Of course it is overwhelming.  I only wish he understood how natural it is to get overwhelmed. I am their momma and they can do me in, lol!!

I had to get an unfill on Friday and now I am scared to death that my weight is going to go back up.  At my daughter's birthday part yesterday, I was able to eat a whole taco AND a brownie topped with ice cream.  TOO MUCH!!  So I will have to be really careful what I eat. And if I can't get a spot in my band that gets it right, I may have to settle for some restriction, and heaven forbid, maybe some restraint.  I have never been good at that. 

And I can't skip the gym, good as it sounds for today.Speaking of that, it is time to crawl out of my cozy warm bed and take the girlies to school, on the way to the gym. And then, lucky me... I get the day to myself.  I am liking Mondays more and more.

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